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So the Standard edition allows you to log in to Windows just with a glance at your webcam, as well as logging you into popular websites like Facebook, Amazon and e Bay (no more passwords to remember).

You Cam Deluxe also recognises when you're no longer in front of your computer, and can automatically lock your screen or hibernate your PC.

Face App uses neural networks to tweak reality and produce different versions of your face — ones of you at a different age, for example, or ones with slightly different facial expressions.

The Face App transformations can range from realistic (it nailed the older version of me) to terrifying (the "smile" feature will give you unending nightmares) — and, of course, since many of us can't get enough of it, we're hot on the trail for other apps that might perform similar feats.

Webcams are extremely popular with young people and adults.


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    Or you can use a camera, a couple of your crazy friends and colleagues and get a good result. In any case, the company will take the risk and create the viral video. They are streaming about 40 billion videos every month.

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