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In fact, one could argue that without Hunter we wouldn't have Madonna.

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Who is tab hunter dating

And it's not hard to understand why: blond and blue-eyed Hunter exemplified the new era of the strapping but sensitive hunk.

(Casper Van Dien is basically a carbon copy, if that helps put things in perspective.) Hunter, his looks, and his string of roles in movies like helped define the emerging Hollywood culture.

The evening out with Hunter, dubbed “The Sigh Guy” by celebrity magazines of the day, is something that even some 60 years later she recounts with a giggle and a smile in the documentary Tab Hunter Confidential. The quintessential movie star will be on the Cape this weekend for a series of events and fundraisers for the Provincetown Film Society. Chances are the paparazzi will not be as ferocious this weekend as they were whenever Hunter stepped out on the town as a young Hollywood actor.

Who he was dating was always of interest, and as time passed, the subject of whispers. in the days when the studios dominated the American film industry, celebrities would often be paired up to generate publicity, either for themselves or an upcoming film.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed star of such hit films as Damn Yankees!