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Can I update one field with different values in the Criteria field and the Update To: field? Hl CNTYxdj Ni U2s I tried adding Status ID field 3 times and putting the Criteria on the same row but my query was blank (b/c I believe is saying I'm look for Complete AND Not Started AND, etc.) But I tried adding the Criteria staggered in the OR fields (pictured above) and I came up with results that I'm not comfortable with hitting Run to Update the table. My guess is that you created a Status table where 1=Complete, 2=Not Started and 3=Rescheduled. You are not replacing text with numbers you are replacing text with more text. plog, Yes, then that must be why I'm having so much trouble populating my combo box for the Status ID on my form.

I have to update the values if Status ID says "Complete" update to "1", if Status ID says, etc. It is b/c the numbers I'm updating that Status ID field to is not a number b/c of this query.

tbl Notary Index: Notary Ref No, Volume (Composite Key), etc...

I am trying to create a form where one selects the Notary name and surname being populated from tbl Notaries and then the according volumes are shown to be selected from another combobox I am trying this code on the after Update event of the cmb Notary but is giving me a type mismatch.

hello, i recently got my PC upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7, and as is usual with these updates, something always goes wrong in my case my PSO2 started giving me an error about not being able to open because it couldnt find the d3dx9_43file, the odd thing is that the file was right there! i tried replacing the file with a 32 bit version and now it works and it gets into the game.