Updating offline disk cache gmail

I think HTML5 Appcache is primarily intended to be employed for caching the code of "single page applications", i.e. The user may not experience it as a single page view, as (practically) the whole visible document could be replaced by other contents downloaded from the server.

It may be useless, but that is what the update function does.

Maybe it is used for development so the developer doesn't have to refresh, maybe it is completely useless.

In the next post, we’ll cover how to detect and convey connection status. Historically, you couldn’t build robust offline web experiences.

At Superhuman, we’re building the fastest email experience in the world. For example, you couldn’t reliably load code, and you couldn’t store meaningful amounts of data.

Be aware that Opera is now based on Chrome Web browser, and thus Video Cache View detects the cache files of Opera as Chrome...