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updating dataset using datagrid-46

Items Dim mytxt As Text Box = CType(Text Box, item.

Find Control("my Txt Box")) // We may want to check if something has actually changed here...

For ex: I am having "Datagridview", "Edit" and "Save" button on Win Form and table "Emp Details" at backend in databse.

I am filling "Datagridview" with table "Emp Details".

If you want to create a new row in code then you use the Binding Source like so: The user can then enter the field values via the UI and the row is committed to the underlying Data Table when they navigate away to another record. Database1Data Set1) Dim new Row = Direct Cast(Produse Binding Source. And i have 3-4 columns in that row , how hould i do that , i tried some variants but did not succeed.