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Two men have been arrested and a woman is at large after allegedly pimping out eight teenage girls in a sex trafficking ring that sprawled across three states.California residents Quinton Brown, 30, and Gerald Lavell Turner, 32, were charged with pimping 13 female victims, including eight minors, for commercial sex work.It's this defendant that chose to have sex with minors,’ Vella said.

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Everyone that watches that TV show probably wouldn't be bothered about it.

"When people say, 'I can't believe they're doing it', like on Love Island, I just think, 'You're watching that show and it's for that'." Chloe also spoke in defence of the Love Island stars, explaining: "I think if you're with someone for seven weeks or four weeks, if you genuinely like that person it's something you do." Megan agreed with her fellow teen mums too, telling the site: "Personally, I wouldn't, but it's each to their own.

Brown faces the most charges with 41 criminal counts, while Turner has six counts and Mc Neil has 12, reported Fox 11.

Gerald Lavell Turner, 32, (left) and Mia Mc Neil, 32, (right) are also accused of being part of the massive ring that had 13 female victims, including eight minors.

He had said a complaint was made by the teen’s mother in January that her daughter, who is in her mid-teens, and the man were in a sexual relationship.