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From the author: “My own experience and the experiences of other men have been funny, poignant, sometimes painful. We’ve come a long way, but we obviously still have a long way to go until we have full equality as well as as full understanding of norms and traditions within our own community.

It was my intent to bring a sardonic, funny voice to the topic – to laugh and learn from the many common experiences we all have or will share. I’ve read many of the books by psychologists on gay relationships, and though they were helpful, I wanted a book with a more accessible approach, with men’s stories told in their own voices. But I know that dating trends and norms aren’t static.

EVERY GIRL NEEDS A GAY BEST FRIENDEvery girl should have a gay best friend at hand - someone to give the sound advice that sometimes only a male perspective can offer. Now he shares his most unfailing, uncompromising pieces of advice with you. is full of fantastic advice on dating, relating and lifestyle issues, such as how to avoid going out with a loser, ditching those toxic dating habits, where to find the right men, how to avoid tragic home decor or, heaven forbid, turning into your mother.

Whilst your female friends may be full of empathy, Singleton knows how the male mind works and has spent decades counselling and consoling his female friends.

For instance, if your friends Bill and Gene pick up on your attraction to some new guy, they may just prop themselves next to him and start telling him stories all about you.

The comments that "friends" get away with in this circumstance are nothing short of criminal.

These friends act under the guise of being your "agents," ostensibly to build you up and sell you and your attributes to the new guy.