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Orsoff (Honeymoon for One, 2012) makes a far-fetched premise surprisingly entertaining in her latest novel.

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A couple of times, I sent batches of books to my friends from charity fund helping children with Epidermolysis bullosa - (I'm glad I have a chance to promote them here! However, allow me to write a little bit, just in case you're interested.

) Instead of gathering dust in my mother's apartment, I'd rather see these books in children's hands. If you participate in something related to children aged 2-6 (kindergarten, charity fund, health care center, hospital, etc) and are interested, I will send you "Who Stole The Moon? If you've visited my website before, you might have noticed I have not updated it for a while. Some time ago, I used to combine doing outsource design and development with drawing wallpapers.

He’s discovered that Gwen is a descendent of Vlad Tepes, the real Dracula.

Further, he needs her help to secure a parcel of mining land that once belonged to him.

Christina, a girl who is all smiles and loves to work the camera (this girl is really something!