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Think positively and act confidently during this period to boost your chances of finding, or holding onto, the ‘One’!

Taurus 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast February and March 2017 could prove a frustrating time for you, Taurus, as Venus, transiting your ‘House of Secrets’, sparks off a hidden crush or love affair which for the time being has to be kept under wraps.

But it all depends on how open you are to its transformational energy, and how ready you are for change.

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Spanning the areas of your Horoscope that rule your ethical and spiritual values, these point to a hardening up of your moral principles that could impact negatively on your relationships.

Don’t get too fixated on what you believe to be ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, Aquarius, or you’ll drive an immovable wedge between yourself and your loved one.

While 2017 is overall a positive year for moving ahead in your relationships, Aries, try to avoid making any major commitments in March.

Venus is Retrograding in your Star Sign for most of the month, threatening to sabotage your romantic hopes and dreams.

), your approach to love and commitment is gradually becoming more responsible and pragmatic.