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Such joyful public display is justified since heterosexism is still present in our everyday lives: by way of proudly displaying their orientation, queer people not only overcome their own reticence, they also make us, the observers, aware of our persisting prejudices confirmed by our uneasiness in observing their display.

The irony of this parade is that the situation from decades ago is almost symmetrically inverted: now it is heterosexuality which is tolerated, of course, but it is expected from heterosexual majority not to display their orientation with too much pride since such display would be instantly qualified as heterosexist – heterosexuality is (not explicitly but subtly) perceived as a limitation, as a sexual orientation which is opportunistically satisfied with the old established patterns and avoids the risk to explore new liberating possibilities, as an impassive submission to the libidinal order imposed by the structure of social domination.

United Against Heterosexism I fully experienced the truth of these lines in the afternoon of Sunday July 31, 2016, sitting in a hotel room in Vancouver and watching the live coverage of the Vancouver Pride Parade where, as the main media put it, “the power of love shined”: everyone was there, hundreds of thousands of people, either in the procession headed, as expected, by none other than the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau with his entire family who stole the show, or among the public observing the parade and warmly applauding it.

(Such love, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the violent passion of authentic love, with the exclusive fixation on a singular being that totally derails our immersion into the rhythm of ordinary daily life.

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