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The courthouse doors are now open to those injured with lifelong damages and burdens from childhood sexual abuse.

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(Herald file photo) Leah Soule, co-president of the Womyn’s Awareness Center at Gustavus, said students are outraged and frustrated over what they consider delays in campus notification by administration related to an alleged Dec.

13, 2015, rape on campus, as well as an what they believe to be an under-reported culture of sexual assault and violence. Rape and gender-based violence has been a problem at Gustavus for as long as this community can remember, and persists today.

Others cited a “slap on the wrist” sanction from Gustavus officials against the alleged perpetrator, who faces two felonies.

Sexual assault victims on campus, some anonymously and some in conjunction with Womyn’s Awareness Center advocates, are outraged over reports the alleged perpetrator returned to his normal Gustavus schedule, while many rape victims never return to a “normal life.”Gustavus President Rebecca Bergman’s response to address the broader issue and the college’s response to the issues of sexual misconduct on campus came quickly as criticism on social media and on campus grew.“As I have followed closely the conversations on campus to sexual misconduct, I have become convinced that we would benefit from a campus forum…” Bergman said in a March 3 statement.

This page is dedicated to those that have died from the injuries and soul murder inflicted by Marks.


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