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Well I was walking down this rather busy street and this guy comes into view. I was talking to a new friend the other night and he wanted to know just when I realized I was gay. I didn’t have anywhere to stay, I didn’t have any money, and I wasn’t sure if I would survive one more night on my own. Crouched down behind the concrete barrier, I was invisible to passersby.

It was rather dark and I was a little on the hesitant side however he got closer and I saw how cute he was, well as he was about to pass he ... I told him that I realized that boys interested me from the time I was about 5 or 6. I had been here since the breakfast rush and no one had bothered me. One Sunday night, about 10 years ago, I was to meet a few friends at a bar in NY, called Club Cache.

Mike Riley has added some new ingredients to the Husker offense and defense for his third season at Nebraska.

A quarterback who fits his offense and a fired-up defensive coordinator are both part of the recipe. Areas of fog early, then partly cloudy this afternoon.

Attorneys representing the girl and Bull filed an agreement to dismiss the case Thursday.