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In 2012, Halliwell was a guest judge at The X Factor auditions in Liverpool.

On 26 June she reunited with Spice Girls to promote the brand new musical Viva Forever based on their songs and career.

While Russell did point out the minor flaw in the plan being his character Maximus dies in the first film, he added that may not be a barrier to a second script.'Is there a way around that?

' radio host Wippa asked, before Russell responded with: 'The thing is, he believes there is.'I think he currently feels now that he has licence to be as bold as he wants because he's an older man and you should just shut up and watch his movies - he's got a little bit of that going on at the moment.' Glad-iator: While Russell would not be drawn on any official news of Gladiator 2, he teased that he would be interested in reprising his role if the opportunity arose.

Despite the fact that his character dies in the original epic, the 53-year-old said he's been 'continuously' discussing making a sequel with director Ridley Scott.'There's a lot of whispers going around that Ridley Scott is thinking about bringing out a sequel to Gladiator,' Fitzy said. Are these ridiculous claims or could it be on the cards Russell?

'To his co-hosts surprise, Russell did not shoot down the rumour in flames.'The thing is, Ridley and I have actually talked about that continuously so, to say that we haven't or that it's a surprise that it's on his mind would be BS,' he said.

Last week, according to the UK tabloids, the two were supposedly “very serious” - click here for a refresher.