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My ‘mystical experiences’ have shown me that we are multi-sensory human beings where everything is linked in a simple, beautiful and yet intricate way.

In Sufism, there is a similar distinction between fana and baqa (Spencer, 1963); likewise in Zen Buddhism, kensho and satori are comparable terms (Suzuki, 1956).

In the Christian spiritual tradition, there is a similar distinction between mystical experiences, and mysticism as a permanent state, as in the state of ‘deification’ or ‘theosis’ (Underhill, 1960).

An anomalous experience can be defined as a subjective, idiosyncratic, and/or uncommon experience that is incongruent and/or deviates from the sociocultural-mediated understanding of consensus reality accepted as veridical, normative, and empirically valid by the collective prerogative.

This definition is consistent with the definition given by Cardena, Lynn, and Krippner (2000) who describe it as “an uncommon experience or one that…

She is cared for at home; primarily by my twin sister who has been selfless in her devotion and love for her.


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    Manadaly was the last capital of the Kingdom of Burma from 1857 to 1885, before Great Britain invaded the country and took it as its colony.

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    Publication History First published in Pearson's Magazine (with six illustrations by G. Verse Form Six stanzas, each of seven lines with an opening rhyming couplet and then five lines which, in every stanza, end with syllables which rhyme with 'soldier and sailor too', with just one half-rhyme.