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My recommendation, once it has settled, is to re-save the situation file. This gives me an idea of how many people are using it. Thanks for your work on this, and for giving it to the rest of us to enjoy!

This has the effect of changing this parameter in the situation file:(Basic 003 - On ground and cleared for engine start.situ)This will ensure the next time you load the situation, it'll be in the right place immediately. Please write any feedback/feature requests/bug reports in this thread.-Mark Older versions: PSX.

NET project.-Navigation Database is now included as agreed with Navigraph who allow us to ship an out of date Navigation Database.

An updated version can be downloaded from author ackowledges TOPCAT who their creation of the database format and recommend purchasing TOPCAT for performance calculations for the rest of their FS Fleet and PFPX for PSX Flight Planning.

) numbers, see below: However, in P3D my 747 is somewhere in an Ocean (in situ Basic 003 ...) , and every 3 seconds it looks like it loads terrain again (in a split second).