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As the anchor continued unaware of the situation, the x-rated scene played on as Paquin's character Sookie Stackhouse stripped off, exposing the upper half of her body.The BBC employee was watching a season six episode of the Emmy-nominated TV series which saw Paquin's character in a sex scene with co-star Robert Kazinsky who played Warlow.Over a year ago, one of the sexiest supernatural shows on TV, True Blood, met its untimely true death. Pa Ric made a successful new empire of New Blood from Sarah Newlin's blood, and lastly, Sarah Newlin tormented by Steve Newlin's ghost in Fangtasia's basement - which is what she deserves for being a horrible, horrible bitch. don't lie, I miss True Blood, and I'm sure you still do too.

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Most people will recognize him as the vampire Bill Compton on , which is based on the comic strip of the same name that started running in 1937.

For those who are unfamiliar with the character, Prince Valiant is a fictional Nordic Prince from the land of Thule, who ends up becoming a Knight of the Round Table while having all sorts of adventures in all sorts of anachronistic settings.

They met on the set of True Blood, HBO's hit vampire drama, in which she plays waitress Sookie Stackhouse.

She found fame as a child star in 1993 film The Piano, becoming the second youngest Oscar-winner in history when she was named best supporting actress aged 11.

Five years (in the events of True Blood) later, Sookie Stackhouse is heavily pregnant and is probably married to a regular human bloke.