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He started by singing and dancing, backed up by four dancers, and having her sit on the stage. " Chung seemed surprised, but calmed down, took a breath and said: "I will." Hugs and kisses ensued, said the report. She said she had not expected "to meet Lunshuo and find true love" on a show.

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Speaking to Apple Daily on Monday (June 6), Chung said she agreed to marry Zhang "because we've been together for a year, I have a good understanding of his character, he's a responsible man who takes care of me, the kids, the family".

She said on We Chat: "I think love has no borders, no linguistic and age limits.

Stacy Reaoch is a pastor’s wife and mother of four.

She is passionate about studying the Bible and helping women apply God’s life-changing truths to their daily lives. Stacy Reaoch is a pastor’s wife and mother of four.

HONG KONG - Twice-married Canadian actress Christy Chung, 45, has found love once more, this time on a dating show with Chinese actor Zhang Lunshuo, 33.


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