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This brief guide for passengers outlines the basic rules related with the functioning of and using the Warsaw public transport.

These rules described herein are meant to assist passengers, however they do not release anyone from the obligation to read the additional provisions and the regulations. Lines numbered 400-499 run at selected times of day or week.

Role of ZTM Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego is an organiser of public transport within the territory of Warsaw. zone lines) extend also beyond the borders of Warsaw, thus creating a network of convenient connections at the territory of Warsaw conurbation. The range 300-399 includes seasonal lines which are activated at specific times of days of week. Lines marked with the letter “E” along with a number, e.g.

ZTM is responsible, among others, for the arrangement of routes, timetables, sale of tickets and ticket inspections. "E-4" are express lines which enable smooth travel between remote districts and the centre of the city (Śródmieście).

Single fare transfer ticket entitles to an unlimited number of journeys for a period not exceeding 75 minutes from its validation or entitling to a single journey to a stop or station which is the last on the route.