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Adult performer and director (NSFW), who has shot with Deen many times and has stated she will not work with him again, said she found his presence unnerving. it's just that it's uncomfortable that he honestly hasn't been punished for those actions." Kayden Kross, a close friend, business partner and of Stoya, agreed, calling Deen's attendance "unfortunate, but not surprising." "In his position, it's probably the best move: Act like nothing happened, and everyone else will believe it too," she told Kross said Deen's presence at the convention reflects the state of affairs in an industry that is now being forced to address issues of sexual assault in production, even if it doesn't necessarily want to.

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I felt a sense of ownership, of responsibility for the child’s well-being....

There are two kinds of madness: the kind that strikes suddenly, like a startled bird, and the kind that stalks silently for years, circling round and round until you are fully gathered in its dark wings.

"Hey, man," he said, sidling up to Deen and clearly trying to play it cool. "Although Deen looked visibly annoyed, he agreed to pose for a photo, standing next to the impersonator and posing Terry Richardson-style, thumbs up and grinning.

He looked very little like a man who, just a few months before, had been accused of sexual assault by 10 different women., a promise it ultimately made good on, and the Adult Entertainment Expo revealed it would be hosting a panel on the importance of sexual consent, which would have been the first of its kind at the expo.

a gangly snuggle-puss) with a penchant for animal mating behavior and science facts and April Macie, a self-denied “angry feminist” (Betty Freidan in a bikini) met on a bus… DOUBLE DATE is a weekly 30-50 minute podcast/ application for couple friends that will cover topics like: Sex, relationships, religion, politics, evolutionary psychology (mostly Shane), and women’s rights (mostly April).


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    “I was in an open place where people accepted and truly believed in me.

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    “Mary-Kate really loves Nate, and she wants to settle down and get married.

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    Applause found that, in general, the most popular US dating apps trailed other apps in quality by 23 points (out of 100).