Intimidating and unapproachable

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A good rule of thumb is when someone brings something up, ask two or three questions about his story before you launch into your own.6.

It sounds a little familiar, but I can't place it. Work on hearing things you disagree with without immediately going into intense debate mode. You may even be trying to engage with the other person: he says something, so you say, "Oh, something like that happened to me once, too."That give and take is great, but it's also really important to ask the other person questions about him.

Posted by starlover Scorpio sun/Aries ascendent i intimidate men a lot ~~ i wonder if it is the aries rising more which is quite quick and direct i go places on my own and do lots of stuff on my own by choice ~ my dad was a very masculine Aries male and i am genetically like him.

i have no time for being dependent on others for money or anything else.

Chances are it is just nerves and anxiety; you do in fact want to meet others and make friends.