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“Making love” and “falling in love” justify all sorts of sexual perversions, corrupting the real thing.

In the true sense of the term, love is defined as self-sacrificing.

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And he cut off Adele,” reported online culture magazine Slate. ”However said Corden’s “laddish humour” was a retrograde step, when CBS could have struck a blow for diversity by hiring the comedian Maya Rudolph or the talk show host Aisha Tyler.“The fact remains that CBS would, apparently, rather take their chances on a guy whose main distinguishing factor is his boorish nature over a universally liked woman with whom American audiences are more familiar,” the publication complained.

sidekick John Oliver has graduated to his own acclaimed HBO satire show.

For a nation still reeling from three years of Piers Morgan, the news that another Brit is pitching to become American television’s king of chat has prompted consternation and confusion. ” asked publications from the International Business Times to Salon magazine as the comic actor was named hot favourite to take over with David Letterman every weeknight at 12.35am.

Ferguson, who announced he was stepping down in April, has helmed the show since 2005 and earned a Peabody Award for his mix of humorous monologues and celebrity interviews.

The Londoner’s early break on was noted approvingly.


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