Dirty girl hookup

NICOLE TOCANTINS works as a production coordinator and reviewer at HITS (where she and Sherman met) and runs her own music supervision company.

She is also a stellar comedic actress; her feature film work includes roles in The Opposite of Sex and Bounce, and her television credits include Seinfeld and Dharma and Greg. Before ALEXA JOY SHERMAN became senior editor at Shape magazine, she worked at the popular teen magazine Jump.

Her reasons to quit hooking up echo the emotional devastation of many college students, particularly girls whose hearts are broken by the hook-up scene.

"I saw it [hooking up] as a way to be recognized and get satisfaction," said Boyle, shaking her blond ponytail.

Seven Grand also hides the sorta-secret bar The Jackalope in the back if you want to change locations without really changing locations.