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In the social media version of the scam, users take a quiz to win a free i Pad and must supply their cell phone number to receive the results. I’ve been robbed” scam This travel scam sends phony distress messages to family and friends requesting that money be wired or transferred so that they can get home.

In actuality they are signed up for a cell phone scam that costs $10 a week. Mc Afee Labs has seen an increase in this scam and predicts its rise during the busy travel season. Fake gift cards Cybercrooks use social media to promote fake gift card offers with the goal of stealing consumers’ information and money, which is then sold to marketers or used for ID theft.

Para a ‘garrafada’, eles pegam a casca da árvore e colocam-na em uma solução alcoólica – que muitas vezes é pinga.

Ingerida a poção, estarão prontos para enfrentar o dia.

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