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The bad thing is that somehow the place encourages us to define ourselves as a checklist of things we like to do.

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We exchanged a couple of e-mails and I was thinking that maybe I’d like to meet her in person. I’d love to get back into it, though, but haven’t so far because I hate doing things alone. I have historically hit periods when, as a result of where I lived or the structure of my daily life, I had a hard time meeting women, but I’ve never had trouble getting dates when I was actually around eligible women.

I knew as I hit the send button that I’d never hear from her again. I tried to play it straight, using my profile to tell the wonderful women of the 5280 who I was as best I could – what I do for a living, what I do for fun, what my interests are, and so forth. My experience, though, has begun to make me feel like an untouchable.

I would say it's a very fair deal, especially for a single owner dealer maintained M. If it does I'm trying to figure out how badly I'll take a hit if I buy a 2015 Si sedan and then trade it in for the new Si when it comes out.

Generally an 08 with lower miles can be had for low to mid 30's, but the fact that it appears to be well cared for is a huge bonus. I DON'T want to only drive my shitty Accord again this summer ******* this I'm waiting until April to see if the new Si will have the 2.0 turbo motor.

He was a graduate student at the University of Arizona, when an injury prevented him from participating in the Olympics in 1984.