Dating service for dog owners

Based on breeding and history, temperament and owner experiences, these particular breeds have proven time and again to be loyal and brave.

It should come as no surprise that Lassie tops our list!

The following are some additional useful resources: ADA National Network ADA Document Center ADI Guide to Assistance Dog Laws You may directly access the State Laws regarding Dog Guides, Hearing Dogs, Service Dogs and accessibility for North Dakota and surrounding areas.

Weimaraners are large, sleek dogs with noble and elegant lines.

Their long heads, which have often been called “artistocratic,” have strong muzzles and long, hanging ears.

A dog is not judgmental, and will stay by your side and love you no matter what.

They can erase the stress and headaches from a long day just by jumping up and giving big wet kisses when you come home. Single women dog owners are simply devoted to their pets.

If a man tries to replace a single woman’s dog, that man can easily become history in no time.


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