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Peddinghaus anvils are drop-forged and produced entirely from high-grade steel for maximum durability.

The top face is ground and induction hardened to provide a lively surface to work on. Entirely forged in the Peddinghaus factory in Germany, not just a "Peddinghaus style" anvil. Rebound is 90% with a 1 and 1/2" ball bearing, rings like a church bell. Replied to all my emails and returned all my calls. I have read a few reviews about the black finish on this Anvil, etc.

For some it may all be old news or just a refresher, other's might learn something new. Thanks (member's name)" Hi there, some names like peddinghaus, nimba, kohlswa, mousehole, mankel, fisher, trenton, hay budden, peter wright, are all top of the line names (some others as well that are escaping my memory at the moment).

(Happy forging everyone ) The question: "What do I need to know to make a good choice (or no choice)? While it usually takes a little while of seeing a few great anvils and a few not so great anvils to be able to easily distinguish between a lemon or a gem, here are some tips that will help get an anvil hunter on their way: Ideally you want an anvil that weighs no less than approximately 75lbs and heavier than 250lbs is ok, if you have a way of moving it.

the short answer is because the price was right and it was almost new.