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It was based on a question posed from a female reader who lamented having sex too early in relationships.The article, however, did not addressthe subtle points of keeping a man's attention outside of sex.

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The main thing that keeps my attention is confidence.

If I feel like a woman is too dependent, it's unattractive and eventually it pushes me away. There exists, in every guy's past, a list of needy women that didn't pan out.

So pay attention, he'll probably give you some good subconscious clues to how he's feeling. Well, after having a bird's eye view of this article, I've realized that he shows a few signs of being interested. This was just what I wanted to know, and I was pretty freaked out because I just wanted to know if he would reciprocate, and it seems that he would!

While trolling the internet, the headline "How Do I Keep a Man's Attention" caught my eye.

But in general, if a guy really likes you, he will make time for you or at least make a serious effort to make time for you.