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Madagascar's first President, Philibert Tsiranana, was elected when his Social Democratic Party gained power at independence in 1960 and was reelected without opposition in March 1972.

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“I clearly remember God calling me to Africa, but I did not want to go alone,” said Dr. Aaron felt called to be a missionary to Africa at the age of 12 while attending a youth camp where evangelist Greg Hubbard was speaking.

Several years later, Aaron would meet his wife, Heather (Seymour) ’01, a missionary kid who was born and raised in Zimbabwe for 12 years.

I’ve traveled a bit, seen a few countries, and tried to take advantage of all opportunities whenever I could when spending time in a country. Let me interact with both the flora and fauna and let me trek and scuba dive all over the place.

With all that I’ve been so fortunate to see, do, and experience, I could not help but fall madly in love with Madagascar, the amazing “eighth continent.” What made me love it so much? In Madagascar I got to sleep on sandbars next to rivers, dive amazing reefs, trek through pristine national parks, and most incredibly of all, I was able to see some of the most fantastic endemic species in the world.

The history of Madagascar is distinguished clearly by the early isolation of the landmass from the ancient supercontinents containing Africa and India, and by the island's late colonization by human settlers arriving in outrigger canoes from the Sunda islands between 200 BC and 500 AD.