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Make it a story that doesn’t leave a scar.” Translation: Do whatever it takes to leave on good terms. “Equality doesn’t need to mean that both people earn the same amount of money, have equal status, or are equally good looking.It means they value each other as equals when it comes to making plans, making love or making decisions. One does not sacrifice himself, or herself, to the other.” Translation: Equality is not based on statistics.

Each week in this column we look at what it might be like if Siddhartha was on his spiritual journey today. Every other week I'll take on a new question and give some advice based on what I think Sid, a fictional Siddartha, would do.

Like us, Sid is not yet a buddha, he's just someone struggling to maintain an open heart on a spiritual path while facing numerous distractions along the way. So let's take on the first question, from Justin: With so many people out there looking to meet other singles, it's no surprise that online dating has become a big trend.

It really just boils down to respect; after all, that’s part of the foundation for a solid relationship. If you’re looking to create a real connection with someone, the fastest way to ruin it is by lying or telling half-truths.

Matt is the content manager of the Sivana blog, an enthusiastic Yoga teacher, and life voyager.

Dating isn’t always easy; after all, there are some weirdos out there.


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