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On the other hand, an accelerated productivity increase combined with modest increases in production targets would mean that 10.000 hectares could be liberated from rice production. Suriname is in South America but is considered a Caribbean country.

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To this day, rice cultivation is one of the most important economic activities in the country.

Because productivity levels have a large impact on the demand for land from the rice sector, if rice productivity in Suriname stagnates at current levels (approximately 4.2 tonnes per hectare), future high production targets would mean that area under cultivation in Suriname would need to increase by more than 20.000 hectares by 2022.

Most commonly, marriages in Suriname are between two people of similar ethnicity and socio-economic standing so traditions for both people tend to be similar.

In weddings that cross these cultural and religious lines ceremonies often combine aspects of both cultures and religions.

The wedding itself varies greatly in Suriname as some people get married in a church, a temple, a mosque, or even in a private garden or another location.