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What it does differently is that it encourages users to meet up and spend time together while they’re traveling.

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As humans, we’re genetically programmed to settle down in one location and develop communities. The gene that controls dopamine -- DRD4 -- has a specific mutation that has been tied to increased restlessness.

And not the “my airplane seat is too small, my veins are gonna clot" kind of restlessness, more the “the entire Western Hemisphere is too small” variety.

The one who's never in the same place for more than a week and who always posts pictures of some food you didn’t know was edible in front of some mountain you didn’t know existed. Or maybe he just travels the world teaching yoga and playing guitar on the street in a Chewbacca mask.

He’s back for a day, you grab lunch, and then he’s on a plane to Thailand for Yacht Week. However he does it, this guy never sits still and your inner Hank Hill just keeps thinking, “That boy ain’t right.” But is he really "addicted" to travel? And are people with six-figure frequent-flyer accounts crazy travel addicts or just living the life we wish we could? Addictions must have three characteristics: an urge to engage in a particular behavior, denial of the harmful consequences, and failure to modify the behavior. So despite what your favorite travel blogger claims, you can't actually be a "travel addict." “Travel might be more along the line of obsessive, but there’s no evidence that it’s a legitimate addiction because it has no neurological element of instant gratification,” says Dr.

While the translations, which are powered by Google Translate, are surely less-than-perfect, people can connect with and talk to locals without worrying about difficult language barriers or imperfect pronunciation.


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    We focus on providing an adult dating environment that is friendly and enjoyable for all, including the LBGT community.

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    Our current recommended members providing service in South West England include: One of the longest established agencies in the UK and now specialising in dating and introductory services for those in their 50,s, 60’s and 70’s.