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Men with sincere intentions would not pass the idea of meeting your family.

They wouldn’t be so hesitant to bond with your dad in the living room or make any effort to get along with your siblings.

That’s why you can’t keep a guy.’’ Erol said to his long time friend, Jacinta, whilst twisting his foot into the ground to kill his cigarette butt. We weren’t even on a date when I burst out crying; I just bumped into him at college.” Kristy said to Gianna.

They’ve been friends forever and always love to chat about their relationships… Gianna raised her eyebrows…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade29 Comments He got angry and told her to F**k Off….

If you have been dating a man who often seems to pull away after the most intimate moments, you need to understand that men just like women want to be known and understood in depth.


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