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, , - , : boyfriend, girlfriend, piggy bank, get even, give up, going to, keep on, keep your mouth shut, lead somebody by the nose, look after, show off, throw away, all over, in love, mixed-up, out of this world, I'll say. * /Jack acquired a taste for ripe cheeses when he went to France./ [across the board] 1.

* /Let's get out of here - this acoustic perfume is too much for my ears./ [acquire a taste for] To become fond of something; get to like something.

The “Two Together” card will give a one third discount on most train fares for those who travel as a couple.

The names and photographs of both passengers will appear on the card, making it non-transferable.

Holders need not be related, and the new card is expected to be popular among businesses where colleagues often travel together.