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Kim says that "she's so doing this" implying she would later become a villainess herself. Girlfriend mistakes her for a super-villain and gives her her card. He did it, of course, without substantial radio outside of Texas, and it raised a lot of eyebrows in the business.“Everyone seemed so, so shocked,” recalls Watson.

& the driver, guiding us expertly over the bluegrass, bodies & Time Warps of Hell, child abuse, power & Country Music is Kim Gek Lin Short."—Rauan Klassnik"CHINA COWBOY is more hydra than hybrid, a slim monster sprouting new directions for form, narrative, culture, and identity.

, he set a precedent as the first-ever self-released independent artist to start at the top on that chart.

He’s a hero with as much heart and vulnerability as strength and passion.

Be still our swoony heart Reviewed as part of a Christmas Post at Totallybooked ‘They were both complex, with hopes and dreams, loves and hates, pasts and presents.’In the mood for a real as they come cowboy Christmas romances? ”“That’s what cowboys do.”“You’re a cowboy firefighter?

Short's brilliant tragicomedy can be read as a metaphor for China's dynamic with American culture or the story of any determined enterprising youth whose eager 'bloody head' under a bumbling tyrant's 'boot is bent.' A bold, imaginative, timely work from a courageous and complex thinker."—Heidi Lynn Staples"Heated & heartbreaking, CHINA COWBOY charms like wedding cans, flesh-filled, on tarmac.