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1 was completed in 2010 and was re-issued as a bootleg in 2016. 1 delves into the romantic realms of DJ's, traditional thugs, skinheads, bikers, art school kids, and crust punks for a brief overview of contemporary dating Do's and Don'ts within each subculture. Thugs, Bikers, Crusts, Skins - even Art School Kids and DJs make the cut somehow.

Vice Versa offers up a stolen-chocolate-bar-and-a-six-pack style luv guide - not just to gangsters but to practically any subculture with an ounce of stamina in the badass department.

The TFI Documentary Fund supports films that paint a dynamic portrait of compelling individuals and untold stories.

By playfully engaging in these unexplored perspectives, the TFI Documentary Fund seeks to spotlight the journey of the individual.

Her last best-selling book Cougar: A Guide for Older women Dating Younger Men, launched the "Cougar" trend internationally in 2001.