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Ava Du Vernay's film suggests that President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 had them sent to King's wife, Coretta Scott King — which Johnson loyalists fiercely denied. He faults Webb for dubiously depicting King with a prostitute, and Du Vernay's film for depicting Johnson as reluctant on civil rights ("100 percent false") and for inventing the scene where Coretta confronts King for cheating and he says he loves her only. Edgar Hoover ordered the bugging on his own authority; looking for ties to Communists, he stumbled upon King's extramarital activities, and one of his deputies, in an effort to discredit King, then sent the tapes to King's office. The FBI's secret audiotapes of Martin Luther King Jr., revealing the civil rights leader's adulteries, are at the heart of much of the controversy surrounding best picture nominee .

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With China’s mobile user market exceeding 750 million, Weixin only has more room to grow (Wang 2014, 3).

The core function of We Chat is its messaging function: sending free messages to phone contacts that also use We Chat.

"Only one [of King's girlfriends] was significant, and she's still alive," says Garrow.

's most egregious fiction, says Garrow, is its suggestion that Johnson was not a passionate civil rights crusader.

“Weixin is not just an application; Weixin is a lifestyle, a symbol of this era,” experts say.


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    ” So asks the seeker in the Svetasvatara Upanishad. One cannot see Brahman, as one cannot see the inside of the tiny seed of a fig.

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