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9400 Dufferin Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503, Phone: 951-780-6222 The Mission Inn Museum is located in the famous Mission Inn Hotel on the corner of Main Street and Mission Inn Avenue.

Located on the Pacific Coast, LB is the 7th largest city in California some 30 minutes south of Los Angeles. The Aqua Link connects you to most of the waterfront destinations.

(Charlie Neuman)Walk along the beaches and boardwalks of Coronado's east-facing waterfront and on any given evening you're likely to find wedding couples getting their photos taken against the San Diego skyline.

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Yes, it's time for Valentine's Day again and all the lovey-dovey stuff that goes with it.

If you're looking for a romantic spot to spend the day in San Diego, we have some that will steal your heart away.

With waterfront attractions, there are are a great number of things to do in Long Beach that's free, fun, for the weekend, day or night.

With many places to see, activities are limited only by time. For bicyclists, it was rated the 3rd most bike friendly city in the USA.

The Shoreline Path, shown above, is a 3.1 mile scenic bike path.