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I was bored, my friend was over, and she told me to go to Chatroulette.

" "I'll come to your house and we'll make babies! Not even adults should be on here its NOT for kids. If you are a boy you still are disgusted by all the penises and there is almost no female to chat with there.

First off, it’s really easy to create your own custom channel by simply appending a subdomain to the normal Chatroulette URL in the format which has plenty of potential uses.

And, as New Tee Vee points out, it’s possible that more lewd users will congregate in the sex-themed channels, leaving everyone else alone (again, don’t count on it).

And in keeping with the new TC policy of pointing a camera at all of our visitors, I bullied him into a video interview. And despite the fact that his English is far better than my Russian, his accent – coupled with my ineptitude as an interviewer – did not make for the most gripping viewing.