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It takes only a tiny stretch of the imagination and it is no longer inconceivable that we just might fall in love with a “bot”, or one day even marry a “virtual lover”.

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“People are familiar with sending messages, and with chat platforms and bot tech, developers can make experiences that work through conversation.” But the more human-like bots become, the more wary we become of them – psychologists have termed this “the uncanny valley of the mind.” And especially when it comes to conversing with these bots as a leisure pursuit, figuring out how human is too human has never been more important.

Entertainment in any form isn’t always innocent – people trolling other people is well-documented, even before bots are brought into the mix.

I’m one of those who would like to create a bot from scratch. Program O is a web-based chatbot engine (also called an AIML interpreter) that’s written in PHP, and uses a My SQL database to store the chatbot’s responses.

I have a question about the location/storage of my AI (questions and answers). Anybody tried using the Levenshtein algorithm for string matching? I mentioned this to give you a bit of background on me, so that you know I’m not just spouting stuff at random.

Well you may well spit your tea out at the prospect of being emotionally intimate with a robot, but If you already behave like “Pavlov’s Dog” every time your smart device pings or vibrates, you might already be more than a little bit “in love” with a robot or “bot”.