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Until now they've not plucked up the courage to admit their true feelings..that's about to change.

"In each episode of this high stakes but ultimately heart-warming new factual entertainment series, a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds take their hearts in their hands and confess their love to people they've secretly admired for months, years, even decades."Shocked faces, tears of relief, heart-on-sleeve revelations, perhaps at least one awkward rejection and who infatuation reciprocated.

Soon, everyone in Springfield wants to start a new life in The Outlands, and the entire town abandons Springfield and rebuilds it in The Outlands, so every episode after episode 500 takes place in a second, different Springfield.

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Jealousy emerges during a hands-on group date and one Bachelor puts it all on the line with a risky plan to get Jasmine’s attention.

Read The Episode Recap View Episode Resource Guide Love is in the air as Jasmine and the 11 remaining Bachelors arrive in romantic Montreal.

A devastating two-on-one date is followed by a dramatic cocktail party.

Read the Episode Recap View Episode Resource Guide Connections grow stronger as Jasmine and the 8 remaining Bachelors take on Quebec City.

Supernatural medical drama, starring Michael Shanks, Erica Durance and Daniel Gillies Parents need to know that Saving Hope features some intense scenes of patients bleeding, having surgery, and dying, and a main character is the spirit form of a comatose man.