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Mission San Juan Capistrano was established in 1776, when Acjachemen Indians lived in the area.

Spanish settlers built the mission as part of their colonization efforts. The area also became a leading producer of ceramics, tiles, and bricks, and home to California's first vineyard.

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Father Serra established nine of the California missions, including Mission San Juan Capistrano, known as the Jewel of the Missions.

Mission San Juan Capistrano is a historic landmark and museum that boasts of quality permanent exhibits featuring original artifacts as well as traveling and temporary exhibits on a wide variety of topics.

In 1982, a group of high school boys from the San Juan Capistrano area had a loosely organized soccer team where they had played in the Pacific League for one season.

They played in tee shirts, whatever shorts they could find the day of the game, tennis shoes and a few even wore soccer cleats.

John, 77, a widower, emailed, “I live in Sacramento and have been widowed twice (18-year marriage and 23-year marriage).