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Good: Writer, editor, OU alum, wine expert, and Drake encyclopedia Bad: Party girl looking to let loose from my day job as a copywriter. The League Based on your professional acumen, there’s an investigative process before you can be approved for this app.

G'day, I'm Zack, born in Australia hence the name Outback Zack.

A perfect Tinder bio is aloof and informative, short and impressive. Good: Take me to Applebee’s, know at least two Drake songs, and tell me your favorite book. This bio should be a bit more serious, but still with a little humor.

If you’re female, remember that Bumble is based on you and your preferences, so don’t be afraid to be yourself.

I have no issues talking about myself but who really wants to read about a happy relationship? Most of us watch reality TV because we feel that if this rich person’s life is falling apart in front of us, then maybe we aren’t so bad. He’s the type of person who can make you laugh and the next hour has a serious conversation about the development of society.


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