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You will find more statistics at Statista I just wanted to include this neat little graph I found about intermarriage in the USA. When you move, remember you will be alone here, and at times have to depend solely on this individual..

While on average we simply do not date other men, more and more are finding love in many different places.

But I also have not been pro-active in being open to those experiences.

There seem to be an emerging and perhaps growing trend among the new generation of Indians abroad who prefer to date whites only…instead of dating someone from desi circle. Neelam haha…i am not Me So what circle are you into? 🙂 Neelam haha that’s frm my family circle, not social circle… Me i see Neelam and some of them are my desi friends…da gals…passé Me I don’t get it…

Even in the UK you will have White women who like Indian men and ....