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The country's Democratic Labour Party (DLP) said the removal of the Queen as head of state was expected to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Barbados's independence, but substantive plans have yet to be taken forward.

When Harry arrived for a meeting with Barbados' prime minister his suit was visibly covered in raindrops, and he said: 'The weather was like this 50 years ago but worse, I've been told.

Thank you for such a warm, unforgettable and colourful Grenadian welcome.'The event was hosted by the country's governor general Dame Cecile La Grenade and attended by its prime minister Keith Mitchell.

Harry went on to highlight the visits his grandparents have made to the island in 19.

n terms of the weather, the best months are January through to April, as they are the driest and least humid, and usually a couple of degrees Centigrade cooler than other times of year.