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This chart is primarily intended to help with the identification of Sovereign Cornets but will help with Identifying other Boosey and Hawkes made brass instruments. The first part represents the model number (in this case 928 which is a cornet) and the second part the consecutive serial number which you can look up in this list taken from a document compiled by the Horniman Museum: Year Start End 1974890008 * The factory serial number books for 1986-1988 have been lost.The reason for ranges overlapping the years is that serial numbers were assigned when instruments were ordered by dealers and before manufacturing."Proper Care of Your Conn Instrument": Original 1958 Conn brochure The complete text of an original brochure Conn included with its instruments.

Cleveland trombone serial numbers: king trombone serial numbers holton trombone serial numbers: olds trombone serial numbers.

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The engraving is much more detailed and features the mythical creature “Pan” playing his flute. Has jeweled finger buttons and bell securing screws, slotted main bell alignment and special fifth valve cap holder to lock in playing of second bell. Built in BBb, with either three or four valves, they add a deep and sonorous voice to any ensemble in which they may be used.

The splendid impression made by these instruments in point of appearance is a matter of remark everywhere.

This page contains information relevant to Conn Trombones. In the pages behind this link I try to provide as complete a list as possible of pictures of the Conn trombones in the Conn model number index.