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It’s what makes compasses point north, and protects our atmosphere from continual bombardment from space by charged particles such as protons.

Without a magnetic field, our atmosphere would slowly be stripped away by harmful radiation, and life would almost certainly not exist as it does today.

Therefore, the magnetic north pole is at approximately an 11 degree angle from the geographic north pole.

Archaeomagnetic dating problems

Magnetic reversal stratigraphy has been useful in dating hominid sites for paleoanthropologists, with precisions of about ±0.01 Ma, or 10 ka.

Besides reviewing the basic principles of these methods, this article describes a number of applications, emphasizing explication of the method and solution of particular archaeological problems.

child's jaw, of Rhodesioid type, dating from about 50,000 years ago.

It is located close to the Makapansgat site, the oldest cave site known in Africa.

Case histories consider both successful and unsuccessful applications of the technique in New World fieldwork. While the volume deals specifically with problems of archaeomagnetic direction dating in the Americas, it should prove useful in constructing exact chronologies in other archaeological sites as well and in the geologic record at large.