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"Dress and the Negotiations of Relationships Between the Dakota and Euroamericans in Nineteenth Century Minnesota" in Religion, Dress and the Body. "A Civil War Fashion Dictionary, Part II." Camp Chase Gazette 18 no.

1850s dress was still relatively conservative and not quite as exuberant as that seen in the coming Victorian era.

Simple daydresses and bosom-flattening corsets were common to this era. Dubbed the "Turkish costume," bloomers were embraced by Elizabeth Cady Stanton as a feminist reaction to the masculine ideas of proper women's attire.

Stanton's friend Amelia Bloomer, publisher of the reform paper called The Lily, printed sketches of the odd costume in 1852, and it gained popularity among feminists in the early 1850s.

Ironically, the outfit was abandoned shortly after its introduction into American society, as it was too unbecoming.

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