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Many Canadians are in for a nasty surprise after a trip outside the country.

Little did they know that most Canadian credit card companies add a 2.5%-3% foreign transaction fee to each purchase they make out of the country.

And she assumes that every phone call she makes and every email she sends will be searchable by the general public at some point in the future.

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But with this summer’s revelations of the NSA’s broad surveillance program, they’re starting to look a little more logical.

“For the last couple of months,” Sell says, “My friends that are not in the security industry come up to me, and I hear this all the time, ‘You were right.’ ”But even as more people become aware they are being tracked throughout their daily lives, few understand to what extent.

Moreover, Canadian banks make a healthy profit from foreign exchange services from their retail customers, where they charge a 1% to 3% fx surcharge when exchanging Canadian dollars.

It’s doubtful the banks will want to offer Canadians a free alternative that will cannibalize their retail fx business. If you use your credit card while wintering in the United States, you could easily rack-up $10,000 – $20,000 in credit card charges.

I think a lot of people don’t really know what the full menu of additional benefits is on their card,” said Linda Sherry, chief spokeswoman and director of national priorities for Consumer Action.